The Consequences of Not Changing Your Furnace Filter

Learn about what happens if you don't change your furnace filter regularly: from increased energy costs to damaging expensive equipment.

The Consequences of Not Changing Your Furnace Filter

Not changing the air filter in your furnace can have serious consequences. When the filter becomes clogged, it restricts the airflow, causing the furnace to overheat and short cycle. This can lead to expensive repairs and even damage to the entire system. Additionally, a dirty filter can reduce indoor air quality and cause health problems.

It's important to understand why changing your air filter is so important. The filter is installed in the return duct, so that all the air that flows into the furnace must first pass through it. This helps to prevent particles, dust, allergens and other elements from entering the furnace and damaging it, and then circulating in the air in your home. Replacing the air filter and having the HVAC system inspected regularly are part of a preventive maintenance routine.

Failure to change the air filter can damage other parts of the system and can result in a large repair bill later on. Changing air filters regularly can help preserve the life of your system and make it work more efficiently. You may wonder how important the air filter can really be, if you've gone so long without changing it and the system apparently works well. Of course, the goal of this post is to make it clear that you would save yourself a lot of money if you changed your air filter every few months. Dirty filters not only obstruct the amount of air that can flow into the furnace, but also allow particles, allergens, dust and other elements to be released into your home and then circulate with the hot air.

Keeping your furnace filter clean can change furnace efficiency and even lower utility bills. However, some older models have air filters inside them and you may need to have the right tools to replace them. Buying air filters online is not only convenient, but bulk purchase discounts and auto-renew options can save you time and money. Remember, replacing air filters costs less than $50, so don't let delay and negligence cost you thousands of dollars in repairs or replacements.

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