Do All Furnaces Have an Air Filter?

Are all furnaces equipped with an air filter? Learn how to locate and replace your furnace's air filter with this helpful guide.

Do All Furnaces Have an Air Filter?

Are you wondering if all furnaces have an air filter? The answer is yes: all modern household ovens come with a filter that helps trap allergens, bacteria, and other harmful particles. Without an oven filter, airflow in the oven is likely to be very poor, which can cause safety issues. The location of your air filter depends on the type of air conditioning unit in your home. If you have an old heating system, it is common for the air cleaner to be located inside a duct opening, upstream of the air handler.

If you have a horizontal HVAC unit, the oven filter will be located on the inlet side and slide on a rack. Gas and electric furnaces are the most common in new homes, while oil furnaces are found in older homes. If the house has central air, then the oven usually shares the air controller with the air conditioner. To find your oven or air conditioning unit, start at the location of the air handler and go back until you find the oven filter.

It can be pretty much anywhere inside the duct system, upstream of the air handler location. Oven filters are often installed inside duct openings to keep them out of sight. It is important to get the right type of filter for your oven as some filters are designed to last longer than others. The oven filter should be changed every 90 days, especially when using the oven and air conditioner.

Knowing how to locate the air filter in your home is essential whether you're moving to a new home or always letting the technician take care of the work during annual tune-ups. With this information, you can now easily find and replace your furnace's air filter.

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